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Custom software built to increase the value of your products

We create embedded software and application software in close collaboration with our customers, enabling them to develop more profitable products and gain market advantage.

Our services

We offer full-cycle development from conceptual design to long-term maintenance.

Our know-how

We offer an extended knowledge in data communication, safety, testability and various software language platforms.

Raging in numbers

  • Since 2004 in business.
  • More than 50 000 hours spent on customer projects.
  • 100% of employees with university degree.
  • Average employees work experience of more than 10 years.
  • Present at 2 locations: Heerbrugg, Switzerland & Brno, Czech republic.

Our services

Custom SW development

Custom software provides a solution for your company's unique needs. Solves your specific problems, and allows you to handle all specific nuances of your situation.

Raging offers full-cycle development of embedded software and application software. We can develop software for you from scratch, remake, reuse or test your existing software, take over software for maintenance, or fix software project that went wrong.



Every collaboration starts with a discussion of the project settings, priorities, and goals. Before starting a project, we perform a detailed analysis including review of existing code, dependencies, and requirements to create a clear and realistic vision of the project's success.



We start with a quick prototype followed by a minimum viable product. Features are added to the product as prioritized by you up to the allowed budget. Iterative development with Raging allows you to follow the progress and provide your feedback on a weekly or biweekly basis. Internally, we check project status daily to identify and solve issues as soon as they occur.



After the initial software release, we will manage change requests, bugfixes, compatibility, and security updates for you. We will make sure the software stays in good shape so that you can rely on it long-term.

Our know-how


  • Communication: UART, SPI, I2C, ADC
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, serial
  • Power management, battery management
  • Microcontrollers: ARM, PIC, AVR


  • Control systems engineering
  • Bootloaders and bare-metal
  • Embedded Linux customization
  • Multimedia processing
  • Protocol design
  • Complex user interfaces for web, desktop, mobile


  • Design for hardware failure
  • Built-in self-tests, diagnostics, logging
  • Calibration and compensation


  • Testable code
  • Simulations and emulations
  • Automation of end-to-end acceptance tests
  • Hardware test infrastructure
  • Performance, capacity, durability tests


  • We strengthen your team to speed up your internal projects.


  • We deliver expert consulting on embedded development topics.


No 1. Boot-time optimization

Reduction of product start-up time. The product was a Linux-based embedded device with a large number of internal components. After analysis where the boot time is spent, we designed a new boot sequence and employed a number of techniques to improve the boot time such as link-time optimization, feature toggles, optimization of boot order, delayed initialization, and parallel initialization. The boot time has improved by a factor of 3.

Technologies: C, C++, shell, initscripts, OpenEmbedded, bootchart, GCC, LTO.

No 4. User interface for an optronic device

Based on a graphical design and product requirements, we developed a user interface for a complex product with 100+ distinctive features, user options, menus, widgets. We also developed a web interface to access the device via Ethernet.

Technologies: Python, Javascript, C++, Qt, framebuffer.

No 6. Mapping technology integration

Raging was asked to integrate a mapping technology into an embedded device, consisting of map management, loading maps from multiple sources, caching, rendering, scrolling, and displaying geo-specific data.

Technologies: C++, Tile Map Service.
CEO, Bugs Ltd.

No 2. Hand-held device simulation on a PC for development purposes

To accelerate product development of a hand-held device, a customer asked us to develop a PC-based simulation that would allow testing ad development of new features without using hardware work benches.  We modified device application code to become multi-platform and compile on a PC. We developed a user interface simulating the display and buttons of the device, and also simulations of all internal components of the device, such as batteries, sensors, a GPS receiver, and a Bluetooth module, to allow testing of various corner cases.

Technologies: C++, Qt toolkit, CMake.

No 5. Visualization app for an imaging scanner laser

We created a prototype app that allows a wireless transfer of 3D point cloud and photos from an imaging scanner laser device to iPad tablet and to visualize it using a 3D graphics engine.

Technologies: C++, Objective-C, iOS SDK, CMake.

No 3. Battery and energy management for a hand-held device

To precisely estimate the charge status of a battery pack in a hand-held device over various loads and temperatures, we developed a Kalman estimator to estimate actual status based on a system state space model.

Technologies: C, C++, Kalman filter.

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