Medical Devices Industry

We are experts in embedded software of multimodal systems.

The medical devices industry's growth is being driven by an aging population, increased demand for minimally invasive procedures, and technological advances. Consequently, Medtech companies transform their products to take advantage of IoT, wearable technology, computer vision, and virtual reality.

Existing and proven technologies such as intelligent sensors, lightweight communication devices, and data processing enable the diagnosis of diseases with lower human intervention, aiding healthcare providers in improving patient outcomes and lower costs. 

Raging is the trusted industry partner, facilitating and contributing to the delivery of world-class software for your electronic medical devices. At Raging, we can help you develop your product’s software, develop concepts and prototypes, or enhance your software with greater customization, connectivity, or data processing capabilities.

Featured solutions

Software prototyping

Healthcare and life sciences companies face changing requirements, increased product complexities, and uncertain project schedules. Our experienced, agile team helps you explore design solutions via rapid prototyping in the discovery phase. Our systems enable quick hardware bring-up, fast API definition, and incremental sensor and peripheral evaluation. Get valuable feedback early through quick integration of prototypes into the system. Use prototypes to identify the most significant challenges, add the correct details to specifications, and improve the accuracy of project estimations.

Hardware-less simulations

Flexibility is essential for adopting accelerated project schedules. Develop production-quality software components simultaneously with the hardware. This approach can be used even for embedded systems with multiple communicating components, each connecting a number of sensors and peripherals. 

Video and image processing

Develop devices that create and manipulate video, graphics, and images. Our experiences include optimizing multimedia pipelines, video streaming, picture taking and editing, and metadata management.

Greater connectivity

Enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth Low-Energy, LoRa, WiFi, or Ethernet enables many innovations, including remote control, remote maintenance, telemetry, use of AI, and increasing performance with cloud computing. At Raging, we can offer years of experience bringing up connectivity in devices, the technology stacks, APIs, data synchronization patterns, and heightened security measures.

Sensor and peripheral integration

Add data input and output peripherals to your device, and we can fully integrate them software-wise. At Raging, we have extensive experience integrating various input peripherals, such as light, temperature, distance, pressure sensors, gyroscopes, accelerometers, or buttons. We can also develop control algorithms for output peripherals, such as stepper motor controllers.

Supply chain resilience

Between shortened life cycles of electronic components and a breakdown of essential supply chains, the industry is adapting to more dynamic networks. Our solutions provide all necessary techniques to function with multiple sensor and peripheral manufacturers, delivering devices with different configurations with a consistent feature set. Our embedded software maintains compatibility with various platforms with ease.

Mobile clients

Add greater customization and new functionality with native apps that work on any screen. At Raging, we develop device front-ends and support apps that ship to smartphones, tablets, web, and desktops from a single codebase. For example, the medical device can be controlled from a tablet. Remote control could be integrated with measurement processing, visualization, past measurements, and patient data.

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