From medical startups to established defense corporations, we work with companies to improve their products and ship them to market faster.

Here are some reference projects we’ve worked on

Boot-time optimization

A customer of Raging needed to decrease a product start-up time to win a large contract. The product has been a Linux-based embedded device with eleven internal components participating in the boot.

After analyzing where the boot time is spent, we designed together with our customer a new boot sequence and employed a number of techniques to improve the boot time such as link-time optimization, feature toggles, optimization of the boot order, delayed initialization, and parallel initialization. As a result, the boot time has improved by a factor of 3.

C, C++, shell, init scripts, OpenEmbedded, boot chart, GCC LTO

Device simulation on a PC for development purposes

To accelerate product development of a device, a customer asked us to develop a PC-based simulation that allows testing and development of new features without using hardware workbenches.

We modified together with our customer the device application code to become multi-platform and compile on a PC. In addition, we developed a user interface simulating the device's display and buttons. This allows us to run simulations of all device's internal components, such as batteries, sensors, a GPS receiver, and a Bluetooth module, to enable testing of various corner cases.

C++, Qt toolkit, CMake

Battery estimation for a device

To precisely estimate the state of charge of a battery pack in a device over various loads and temperatures, we developed together with our customer a Kalman estimator to estimate state based on a system state-space model.

C, C++, Kalman filter

User interface for an optoelectronic device

We developed together with our customer a user interface for a complex product with 100+ distinctive features, user options, menus, and widgets based on a graphical design and product requirements. We also developed a web interface to access the device via Ethernet.

Python, Javascript, C++, Qt, framebuffer

Visualization app for an imaging laser scanner

We created a prototype app that allows a wireless transfer of 3D point cloud and photos from an imaging laser scanner to an iPad tablet and to visualize it using a 3D graphics engine.

C++, Objective-C, iOS SDK, CMake

and many other projects...

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